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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

gardening is for eaters

Last night in Elk Grove we visited Ming's dad.  It was great!  He's very nice--we saw his garden and his fish.  It was Ming's first time seeing him in four or five years, since his sister's wedding.

The gardening zine is laid out and ready to photocopy.  It's called gardening is for eaters, and I hope it's loved by many.  Here's some info from the intro.

You'll find an overview of what I like about gardening, then an annotated list of everything we had growing as of June 2013 in both of our gardens. Then you'll find an interview with Ming about permaculture and an essay about my past with plants. You'll find interviews with our friends Jade and Marcus about their plant philosophies and practices: tending the wild, biointensive farming, fermentation.


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