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Friday, July 19, 2013


Ming and I rearranged some stuff in the living room and created way more space.  It feels good psychologically.  It's been a hard few weeks. 

I have a friend who is a rambler.  I mean a traveler.  He is passing through Sac soon, and we might get to see him, my first time meeting him in person.  I thought I had known him through the mail for about four years, but it's been only two years.  I just searched my email.

The kitchen sink's broken.  I mean, it got stuffed up.  We tried chemicals that didn't work.  Neighbor said it might be the...p trap?  But then they took it apart, and it wasn't the p trap.  So we're waiting for a key and a snake.  That sounds weird.  There's a snake in the shed thing, and we need a key to the shed, to get the snake.  The snake will clear out the clog, which seems to be in the wall. Well, sorry if that's confusing, readers from other countries. 

All I want is to make dinner.  Well, I want more than that.


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