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Monday, July 22, 2013

my life in a list

1.  Ming and I had a conversation about what was blocking the pipe--the kitchen sink was plugged up.  I guessed a dead rat or a pot of gold.  Ming guessed hair and rice.

2.  Yesterday at Home Depot we used the self-check machine, and as we left I said hi to the worker who was monitoring the self-check area.  She gave me a really strange look.  I don't know if she thought I was stealing, my style offended her, or what.

3.  Workers have been redoing the landing--our apartment is on the second floor, and the little deck area between our door and the next door neighbor's door is being redone, and both staircases too.  It's sometimes loud.

4.  Today I sent a shit ton of mail, mostly the new gardening zine gardening is for eaters. 

5.  Today we picked asian pears at the community garden and brought some to our friends' house, which started a whole chain of events.  It set a whole set of events into motion.  It toppled dominoes.  Cause led to effect.


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