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Thursday, September 05, 2013

no show

Today we had a fantastic jelly bean party.  We listened to Sufjan Stevens, played cards, and ate jelly beans.  Ming won.  I was River--he was Clam.  It was 310 to 360, I think.  I was playing really well then got dealt some bad hands.  Then I was waiting for a few certain cards that never showed.  It reminds me of life.

I really needed the mail to come, so we moved some chairs out onto the landing and waited for the mail.  It was late.  Ming got his horihori and removed some of the wisteria that climbs onto the railing from the neighbor's wisteria tangle.

The mail did come, but it was only AAA asking me to pay them $92.  The thing I sought did not arrive.  Tomorrow.


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