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Thursday, October 24, 2013

the incredibly true adventures of two girls in love

Dear Reader,

Good morning.  Ming's not really a girl, but I wanted to title the blogpost that.  How are you?  I feel like avoiding all of my responsibilities.  How about you?  Let's hide!

But I need to tutor, to see my new psychiatrist, and stuff like that.  I need to check the calendar.  Eat breakfast and go for a walk--blech.

Yesterday we went to the Bay Area as promised.  We saw Ming's kids and mom.  We walked the pier and saw some great graffiti which I cannot show you because we left the camera in the car.  We ate all day.

We went to a peace walk talk at night and got home just fine though it was late for us.  Then couldn't sleep at night and talked for a long time.

Well, see you later, Reader.

all love all the time,


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