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Monday, December 16, 2013

this morning's cuddle fiction with non-fiction


Once upon a time there was a ukelele that was haunted.  It was haunted  because its player died while playing it.  So what the ghost in the ukelele wanted was for someone else to die while playing it so that...this is a horrible story.  Abort story.


Once up on a time there was a flower, and its name was Stinky.  Stinky was hungry, so it went in to the kitchen to make some oatmeal because it was morning.  It made some oatmeal for its lover too.  Its lover's name was Smelly.  They were both flowers, and they were both like us only flowers.  The end!

"Which one was Stinky and which one was Smelly?"

"I was Stinky, of course!  I'm the only one that makes oatmeal!"

"And that's why I'm Smelly?"

"Smelly is not a punishment name!"


Once upon a time there was an animal named Crayfish, and it was a crawdad.  It lived in a creek behind a little boy's house.  The little boy had curly hair and freckles.  He would get pieces of bacon and catch the crawdads.  I mean Crayfish.  And then we'd put them in a box and they would be our pets.  Then we'd put them back in the creek.  So basically the crawdads were having a horrible time, but we didn't know because we were little kids.  But the mom gave the little boy the bacon, so she must have been okay with it.  The end!


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