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Sunday, May 04, 2014

what work is

This morning we worked on our community garden plot.  We cut the flower buds off masses of oregano.  Ming hacked at the huge lavender bush.  I pulled out some overgrown California poppies.  I pulled a few weeds, and Ming trimmed the asparagus.  We went early, before the bees were up.  I also ripped out some sweet alyssum and a little yerba buena that was growing over the edge.

Then we went to Fox & Goose for breakfast.  I was in a grouchy mood but had a good breakfast, which improved my outlook.

A week ago the passenger side window got broken in a more complete way than it was broken before.  So the downstairs neighbor looked at it this afternoon, and he's going to order a part online and fix it.  Right now it's disassembled but functional.  I mean it's stuck up, which is a lot better than stuck down, though we're not expecting rain.


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