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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

dig up your bone, exhume your pinecone

I made enchiladas the other day.  The olives are really important.  We just finished off the leftovers with some canned refried beans. 

It was hard for me to have all the ingredients fresh at the same time.  Trader Joe's tortillas are the best but don't last so long.

Today I met with my book club to discuss the first half of Wild.  It was pretty good.  I was quiet but not too bad.  I lost focus toward the end, out of energy.  I was so social yesterday and hadn't replenished my social time energy supply.

Ming keeps harvesting more and more grapes off Fig Tree.  There's a bowl of grapes on the kitchen table among other things. 

I should attack some pluots.  Ming's washing the dishes.  Listening to Joanna Newsom which soothes me.  Good use of the word "exhume," Joanna Newsom.


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