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Sunday, May 03, 2015

chocolate factory, cactus garden, roadrunner

This afternoon our friend C who is staying here asked for a ride to Henderson.  So we took him out to Henderson, and then Ming was like, "Is there anywhere else you want to go?"  For years I'd wanted to go to the chocolate factory.

So we went to the chocolate factory.  They have a cactus garden too.  They were great.  We got a chocolate sample and bought some sunflower seeds--the kind you plant.  We looked at lots of desert plants.  It was kind of hot, but some of the cactuses are in bloom.

Oh, and we saw a roadrunner!  We watched lizards and strolled.  We liked the pencil cholla, the purple pancake cactus, and the saguaro skeletons.  I thought the big bushy Mormon tea looked untidy, but Ming liked it.


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