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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


The El Salvadorian food was lovely.  I had plantains and a papusa.  Ming had eggs and beans and tortillas.

Today a cop was in our courtyard.  He was looking for someone and had a German Shepherd.  I was unhappy to see him.  Ming talked to him.

Ming does so much for me.  He gets the good partner award every day of the week.

I made broccoli, carrots, and rice noodles in peanut-pumpkin sauce for lunch.  It was amazing to actually cook something.  We had been living on sandwiches.  It's the heat.

This weekend it's supposed to hit 111 both Saturday and Sunday.  This morning we walked at 5:45 and there were a ton of people on the track.  It was 84 degrees but felt cooler.

We know the grackles.  We know the park plants--the tree with bees, the agaves with their pups, the aloe-things with their huge inflorescences.  The big trees.  The grass.

Sometimes a teenager grackle begs from its parent.  It's cute to see the parent feed the big baby.


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