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Sunday, July 12, 2015

big cook

Ming's doing all the chopping.  Right now he's doing the three huge bell peppers.  Last night he did the seven white onions.  And seven carrots.

A friend advised me to put ginger in the beans and it would mean less gas for the eaters, which I don't know if I believe, but we happen to have a ton of ginger.

We need to clean out the fridge.  We need to do a lot of things for our trip.

My Spanish studying has fallen by the wayside, which is sad.  I was telling a friend that I don't want to be the person who does the first ten pages of a workbook and abandons it.

Maybe I can bring it with me and study in Sacramento.

Last night's meeting was great, and then our friends went out into the desert for a big all-night party with drumming and dancing and a bonfire.  We came home where Ming sorted the rocks out of five pounds of pinto beans so kindly.

I am not anxious at all about this big cook, and I don't know if I should be.  Maybe my body is not worried because everything went so well last month.

But there's a lot to do.  Ten pounds of potatoes need to be chopped, for example.  It will take almost an hour for the beans to come to a boil on our wimpy stove.  We need to pick up the kale and do that, do the rice.  Do all the garlic.


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