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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

holy crap

Holy crap, I forgot to blog yesterday.  We were busy nonstop until the evening, and even then, I responded to a ton of emails.  We walked, got camping stuff out of storage, picked up a prescription, bought some foods for the trip, demonstrated against the rad lab being moved (standing for an hour in the sun waiting for some trucks to pull out, holding a sign, talking to the press, which I hate), went to a pool party, and then I had therapy.  And we went to Jamba Juice.  I got a peanutbutter smoothie, my favorite.

Today we're going to Mt Charleston.  I phoned a friend for his birthday.  I printed out directions and typed up some info for cooking for Food Not Bombs so I'll have it future months.

At the pool party I didn't swim, but I did dangle my feet in the water and get a sunburn.

I need to pack, back up my computer, clean up a little.  I lost my packing list.  I wrote a poem in the middle of the night.  I want to email it to myself.


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