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Sunday, July 05, 2015

master's degree in ants

We got to the goddess temple yesterday afternoon later than planned.  But that was fine.  We relaxed.  We slept well.  Ming did some more painting in the bathroom and the hallway of the guesthouse.

This morning we walked in the desert--we walked to the spring.  We startled frogs.  "It's there, where that clump of trees is," Ming said.  We found it.  

Then Ming did some work around the property.  I handed him screws while he was up on the ladder.

I remembered a long time ago when I was young, a college student, and I hiked to Pt Conception, I think.  It was the longest hike I had ever done, maybe seven miles on the coast.  It bruised my feet.  A few days later, I was by a river, and the water was icy cold.  I thought it might feel good to put my feet in the river.  But it made them hurt more and I could barely walk afterward.

I told Ming that story.

I got to sit in the temple itself this morning for a while and write in the little book.  I asked the Goddess to give me faith and help me get rid of the problems I'm so attached to.  And to be good to Ming.  And I expressed thanks for all my blessings and all of creation.

At first there were no ants.  Then we saw some.  "Come crawl on my foot, ant," I said to one.  "I want to see if I can feel it."


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