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Monday, August 17, 2015

insomnia salad

This morning we went to the goddess temple and saw our priestess friend.  We talked for a long time over tea.  Then we went to the temple itself where there's a new comment book.  I wrote a sentence in it.  We saw ants.

Then we went to Mt Charleston, but we arrived ahead of our friends, who have the key to the cabin, so we went for a walk.  Dogs bothered me.

Then friends arrived and we talked a lot.  R played his guitar for us and sang.  We ate burgers.  People liked the fruit salad and beans we brought, left over Food Not Bombs beans.

Ming made the fruit salad last night while he couldn't sleep.  He didn't try the fruit, but it turned out great.

They played Blockus and R won.  I sat in the other room reading this book I like that I got out from the library.  It's called 12 x 12 and is about somebody living off the grid in a 12 x 12 shack in North Carolina.


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