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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

tempeh and green tomato pasta

I found a recipe for pasta sauce with green tomatoes.  But it had bacon.  So I made my own recipe, and it's good.

olive oil
smoked paprika

olive oil
fresh garlic
six green tomatoes diced
red pepper flakes

a cup of pasta water

fresh parsley

You can probably guess how I made it from that list, or am I giving too little information?

Anyway, it was good!  Ming says it could have used twice the amount of tomatoes.  I am all out of smoked paprika now.  I wouldn't say green tomatoes have my favorite flavor, but it's a fine way to use these up.

We picked up our friend from the Greyhound station this afternoon.  He was away for about four months.  He had adventures and is home now.  He is our property-mate.  He helped make the pasta dish, and he's a good influence vegan.


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