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Monday, September 07, 2015

vegan almond chicken

When I was a little kid, I did not like Chinese food.  Then when I was a teenager, I stated liking it.  I liked almond chicken.

Then last week we got some zucchini in a food donation.  So I decided to try to make some vegan almond chicken.  I couldn't find a recipe that was like the one I had as a kid.

But I marinated some tofu and made something like this.


The best thing about it was the crunchable almonds on top.  The worst thing about it was the way the tofu seemed kind of raw.  It had a good flavor but not a good texture.

I ended up using yellow squash instead of zucchini (the recipe I link to above doesn't even have zucchini in it).  I added mushrooms, which was a nice touch.  I didn't dredge the tofu--I didn't broil the tofu.  I just tried to saute it in earth balance--fail.  I left too much of the marinade in, and it didn't saute really.

Overall I give the dish I made a solid C.


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