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Sunday, October 11, 2015


Some neighbors have a scooter outside going back and forth in front of our house, over and over again.  I think it might have a lawn mower engine to make it go.  The noise is driving me crazy, of course.

Ming and our houseguest have gone to the park for Food Not Bombs.  I have some time alone.

The big cook went well.  It seemed almost too easy.  Every time it gets easier.  Like did we forget something?  Hope not.  I don't like chopping potatoes, and our houseguest does, so that was nice, him chopping potatoes.

We're going to go to the farmers market a little later, then pick olives, if we have time, then a Catholic Worker visioning meeting.  That meeting should last three hours.

This morning I sang a little.  It felt good to make the vibrations.


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