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Saturday, November 21, 2015

sleeping in the temple

Gmorning, friends.  Yesterday we went to the goddess temple and I was so tired, out of spoons because of a breakfast party at the Catholic Worker.

Ming and I sang a little and then I put cushions on the ground and we lay there on the floor of the temple, sleeping.  The sun was shining on my butt and legs and it felt good at first then felt burning.

Drones were flying around (the goddess temple is right by Creech Air Force Base) and we could hear them.  It was strange.

Then we came home and I took a four hour nap while our friend King R chopped veggies in our kitchen for Food Not Bombs.

We ate the last of the delicious vegan potato soup.

I'm grateful for a lot of good in my life.

Then in the night I dreamt of drones.  They were toy ones, and I was trying to smash one.  It had blades on the blades.


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