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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Boulder day two

This morning we left Hotel Sketch and Ming drove us to Boulder. We went to a cafe and I wrote in my journal. 

Then we went to Lucile's for breakfast. It was crowded. We sat at a community table with two kids and their grandparents. It was tense. The kid nearest kept staring at me!  What's so weird about me?

The food was good but portions were huge. The potatoes are amazingly cajuny. But I don't know if I would go back. 

Then we were like what should we do next?  On a whim we decided to go to Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Holy crap!  It was so beautiful. It started to snow. We got to 11,700 feet. I felt faint. Ming wanted to walk around in the snow, so he did. I took some pics I will post here. 

Super worth it. Now we're going back to the tea factory to see the prairie dogs and buy some blueberry tea. Then I want to see the apartment complex where my bestie lived during grad school.


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