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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

the only solution is love

I'm at Madhouse Coffee and the music is delightfully trippy and dancable. I'm waiting for Ming who is at a dentist appointment. I feel clean and a sense of wellbeing. 

I feel sad about the Orlando shooting but also unsurprised and cold / detached. This culture creates killers of one kind or another. It's predictable. 

Also on fb my friends are doing things like changing their profile pics that feel empty and meaningless to me as well as ineffectual. It means something to them. But how do we really fix things?

On one hand I feel like there's nothing I can do--on the other I feel like I'm doing a lot with peace activism and the works of mercy.  On the third hand I feel detached. I'm not voting today. I don't think laws or presidents will fix the world. Nothing but love can do that. 


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