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Friday, August 19, 2016

what money's for

We walked at the wetlands, where I complained it's not nature.  It's very manicured, mediated.

Ming's burning incense.  When we got home a few days ago, our bedroom smelled stale.  It smells better now, but it's fun to burn the incense.

I totes forgot the cool things I was going to tell you.

I am close to a few people in England.  One of my dearest friends is in Manchester.  We write each other letters almost every day.  Short emails too.  Just about every day.

I made myself a necklace I am in love with.  It's a Celtic knot pendant on rainbow cord.  Yesterday we bought a split ring for it.  It makes me happy.

All the overseas stamps are expensive.  But I guess that's what money's for.

Oh, I was going to complain that reading all the newsletters we get in the mail would be a fulltime job.  Lots of depressing stuff too.  I need to stay well, but somebody's gotta be informed about issues.  A lot of it's really good.  But I can't keep up.

Someone special is coming to town.  I'm trying to think what we should do together.

1.  see where Ming and I live
2.  see the Catholic Worker
3.  my favorite bookstore Writer's Block
4.  pinball museum?  (it's free)
5.  El Salvadoreno for cheap pupusas
6.  the Goddess Temple--a drive but so worth it
7.  the neon museum?  probably not
8.  our favorite Indian or Thai food
9.  Red Rock
10.  the art museum at UNLV


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