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Thursday, September 15, 2016

nobody stole the sandwiches

This morning I meditated ten minutes and read this article on how the sugar industry paid off scientists in the 1960s to say sugar doesn't cause heart disease.  It's amazing how wrong western medicine can be and why.  So saturated fat became the culprit.

Then we went to IHOP for my birthday breakfast.  I had blueberry pancakes, and they had sugar in them.  I made the wrong choice.  Oops.

Then we walked in Lawyer Land.  Then we peace vigiled.  Our friends King Ron and SJ joined us, and their presence changed things.  For example, an old white guy driving an old big truck flipped us off, and SJ flipped him off back.  Also King Ron wanted to livestream the vigil and J said no.

Then G was giving me a ride home, but I asked him what he was up to today.  He had to do sandwiches, which means delivering sack lunches that a church makes to individual homeless people on the street.  So I asked if he wanted help, and he said sure.  But I didn't actually help--I just sat there.  I told him I'd be his body guard.  "You can make sure nobody steals the sandwiches," he said.


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