dangerous compassions

I call you / from the comet's cradle

Monday, September 12, 2016


This morning Ming didn't wake us up in time.  So I wagged my finger at him.  Then he told me hundreds of spiders hatched in our kitchen in the night.  "Hundreds???" I asked.

"Okay, maybe a hundred," he said.  He told me he did some spider killing and cleanup.  He told me they were tiny.  Yes, I looked--they were tiny.

Then we went to the wild desert.  We went for a walk on a trail.  Then I sat on a rock for a long time, meditating and then just sitting there.  We talked about friends, feelings, and Ming's compass app.

Then we grocery shopped.  I ate a crisp apple slice as a sample at Trader Joe's.

Then we came home and some baby spiders were by the window.  Maybe 15 of them.  They had made a web.  Ming burned them to death with the long-nosed lighter that was right there by the stove.  I ate sweet strawberries.

I got a hole in my shirt from a fence wire.  I got some fancy tea in those pyramid teabags.  That's all.


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