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Saturday, October 08, 2016

a pita

Sometimes I wish I could be more of a normal person with reasonable reactions to things and the right amount of emotions.  Sometimes I wish I wasn't so disabled.

Then my friend tells me, "Why do you want to be a normal person?  You're awesome," and I feel a bit better.

The national gathering is wonderful and difficult.  I look forward to it being over because I need some regular life.

But tomorrow we go to the test site and the air force base to vigil.  And Ming and I will sing Jaya Jaya Janani for the crowd.

Then Monday there's an NDE board meeting.  They last all day.

Yesterday I gave a workshop on zines and it went well but I don't want to finish the job.  I need to assemble the zine pages we made into a zine, so I need to make a cover, maybe an intro, maybe an outro.  And I need to photocopy it and bind it.  What a pita.

And I promised someone I'd look through the easily accessible portion of my zine collection for political zines.  I just want to rest and ignore my responsibilities.


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