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Friday, October 07, 2016

peace be with you

I never told you about the guy yesterday at the FedEx store who got so belligerent with the FedEx store worker that she told him she was calling the cops on him.  That was a little too exciting.  We left and went to the Office Depot to avoid that scene.

It's the Catholic Worker National Gathering here in Las Vegas.  I am not participating in everything, but I'm giving a zine workshop at 1.  I am pretty ready.  Ming's giving a permaculture workshop at 3.

Last night we waited up late for houseguests that never came.  Turns out they slept at the Catholic Worker last night without letting us know.  You know me--I'm a planner.  So I would have liked to have known (understatement).

My phone's blogging app doesn't work with my phone's new operating system.  I'll be blogging and it will crash and I'll lose what I was writing.  Sux.

I think that's just about all the news.  I like the way it's cooling off here.  Still going to hit 90 a few days but getting down into the 50s at night.


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