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Sunday, November 13, 2016

birthday, Trump protest, random ice

Last night we went to a friend's birthday party.  She liked the flowers we brought.  She got excited.  She read aloud the card I made for her, and it was sweet.  She has a ton of friends and there were not a ton of people at the party, so we think she broke her birthday up into multiple parties.

Then Ming and our houseguest went to the Trump protest.  I went to bed.  There were hundreds of people at the protest.  The houseguest carried my THE ONLY SOLUTION IS LOVE sign.  He got some positive reactions.

Today there's Food Not Bombs, a thing at the UU church, support group at 3, and a drum circle picnic thing for Standing Rock.

This morning we brought our houseguest to the airport.  It was packed.  Then we went to Sunrise Coffee, my favorite cafe in Las Vegas now that the Beat is closed.  Then we went to Sunset Park where there was ice on the ground, like ice dumped from coolers but in multiple locations, which was confusing.  Then we went to Whole Foods and bought some nice food.


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