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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

love thy neighbor as thyself

Roasted potatoes for dinner and enchilada casserole--the latter is a dish from my youth--my brief stint in 4-H I made it for Foods.  Wow was that a long time ago.  But this batch, my first in more than a decade, I used green olives because don't have black.  Now that's different.

Neighbor dog barks--neighbor humans scream.  Ming is out--he vigiled at Creech Air Force Base with friends and then they went to the Sikh temple for langar.  The langar goes too late for me.

Earlier an anthropologist was over.  He's Basque.  He's an ethnographer.  A lot of film makers, journalists, book writers pass through here.  We help them a lot.  This one interviewed me for a little while.  I'm afraid he didn't think much of me.  I showed him a zine and he didn't seem too interested.

V was here getting interviewed then singing for a camera, for a movie.  She had her guitar.  I knew all four songs.  She used to have them up on soundcloud.  One of them she changed the ending.  It used to end something like, "Matter of fact, take all your clothes off," and now it ends strangely without that.

I want to redo our bumper stickers.  Ming says no, we should just add.  BLACK LIVES MATTER!  MUSLIM LIVES MATTER!  TRANS LIVES MATTER!


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