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Friday, November 04, 2016


I saw a puzzle at this diner's giftshop.  It was called a pocket puzzle.  The art on the puzzle depicted Mr Spock of Star Trek and said something like "The many moods of Mr Spock" and it had about 30 different moods listed, all with the same expression / non-expression.  The joke is that he doesn't have moods or he doesn't emote or something.

Today my mood is angry.  I got super mad at Ming today for embarrassing me in front of some friends.  Then tonight I got mad at facebook for lying to me about who can see what and at some jackass I don't know commenting on my personal shit.  I hate facebook for about 100 reasons but try to get the good out of it.  Failing today.

Oh, and earlier I was angry about some racism.  Seems like the trainings people go to do no good whatsoever.  I'm disappointed.

good things
some hemp twine arrived today that I ordered
I have everything I truly need
nice foods


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