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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


We were up around 6.  I had a fantastic dream about my dad.  We tried to be quiet so we wouldn't wake up our neighbors.  Now Ming's hiking for three and a half hrs.

Arizona is weird.  As we traveled here, the freeway had huge potholes and 75 miles per hour speed limits.  I was afraid they would damage our car.  Worse, Ming was afraid we'd hit one wrong and be swung around facing the wrong direction.

Yesterday we went to Montezuma Well.  It's alkali and has a lot of arsenic in it.  There are cliff dwellings.  We went on a walk there after talking to a friendly ranger who upset me talking about the well's leeches.

Yesterday also we hiked at Bell Rock.  Oh, I already showed you pictures of that.  And we went to Chapel of the Holy Cross.  People are supposed to be quiet but they were loud.  I lit a candle and prayed for a friend.  I couldn't find the giftshop, but then Ming showed me.  We bought some postcards and medallions and saint things.

When Ming's done hiking we're going to lunch and then probably to Arcosanti, an intentional community made by a famous intentional community guy Paolo Soleri.

Housekeepers are supposed to come this morning.  I think I'm just going to ask for more tea and more shampoo.  They only gave us one little thing of shampoo.  We have a lot of hair.


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