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Sunday, February 26, 2017

safe in Silver City

Sorry I forgot about the whole concept of blogging, I was so swept up in travel.  Here we are in Silver City at a cafe called Javalina's.  I have a megapot of tea called relaxation elixir.  I love elixirs.  And I know how to spell the word now.

I'm wearing my favorite tiedyed teeshirt.  Ming's beside me and our friend is here too.  She has books.  Ming has a mocha and his computer.

Yesterday we went to Deming to see our friend C and to Italian food and it was so good!  The rest had tiramisu as well.  I had a couple more bites than I intended to.

And we went to a rock shop.  I bought a scarab bottle for ten bucks.  It has Egyptian writing on the back and is super cool but I don't know what to put in the bottle.  I was thinking some holy dirt from a shrine near Taos but who knows when I'll get there.

We also went to City of Rocks State Park.  I couda sworn it was a National something--Reserve?  But no.  State.  It was fun to walk around there though it was much smaller than I expected.  Sorry I failed to photograph anything.

Our friend has an app on her phone and can photograph auras.  She did mine twice and both times I was green.  Ming's indigo purple.  She's crystal / white and pink.  Our friend C is yellow.

I did take pictures of San Xavier mission our morning in Tucson.  I will post some for you.


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