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Friday, February 24, 2017

Silver City or bust

Yesterday we learned about saguaro cactus.  They are amazing.  They are so beautiful.  I called them cartoon cactus.  We saw a short movie about the Saguaro National Park, heard a presentation with slideshow about saguaro cactus, went for a walk, bought postcards...  I almost bought a horny toad necklace.

We're going back today for a cactus walk.  This morning we're going to San Xavier, a church where our friend Brother D used to live.  This evening we're going to Silver City, New Mexico where the friend we're staying with lives.  Then tomorrow Deming and City of Rock.

Yesterday we also went to a shrine in Tucson where people light candles and stuff prayers into holes and crevices of this structure.  I hope to post pictures later.

And Mexican food.  And Indian food.  The Indian food in Phoenix was amazing, but last night's here in Tucson was poor.

But Ming's heating up leftovers for breakfast in the hotel room microwave.  Ming had four nightmares last night, waking me up yelling with two.  In one of my dreams I stepped on a cat's tail.  I said, "Sorry, kitty," as I walked away.


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