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Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Today we journeyed from Vallejo to the undisclosed location.  We stopped a lot along the way.  I wanted to go to this great grocery store in Morro Bay for a few things: macadamia nut butter, inexpensive matcha.  I just had a suspicion about the matcha, and I was correct.

We stopped in SLO for a small farmers market.  I gave seventy cents change to the fiddler.  Bought sweet grapefruits for Mom.  Sunflower seed bread.  I'll eat some later.

Trying to figure out if the street medic people will need to be fed.  I guess everyone needs to be fed.  Is that my job?  Did I sign up for that?

Sleepy.  We did it--we made it to the undisclosed location one more time.


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