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Sunday, April 09, 2017

I love you, Laura-Marie

I have a moment.  The peacewalkers are mostly out in the desert.

Ming is with them.  He'll come home to help me with lunch prep in a couple hours.  And our friend is doing lunch, but Ming's going with him.  But I'm not.

It's going pretty well so far.  No calamities or emergencies.  Ming woke me up last night around 11 to get me to proofread a press release.

Last night I had some time alone.  I lay in bed practicing good self-talk.  I tried to have a loving attitude to myself.  I napped then slept.

I cut celery into stix.  I sliced tomatoes and bell peppers.  I washed broccoli.  I'm living a life of service, to put it romantically.

Yesterday after lunch, we cleaned up, then J and I sat outside and talked.  We were joined by Ming and J's spouse G.  It was the perfect temperature out.  We were relaxed after hard work.  We talked and talked, smiling and laughing.  It was restful, but they're still people, so I needed to get away.

This morning I've had a bagel.  It's good to rest.


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