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Tuesday, April 04, 2017


When people are doing work, there can be friction.  Moods, feelings.  Just different ways of doing things.  And we can get on each other's nerves.  Stress can compound it.

So I shouldn't be surprised when people drive me crazy.

Yesterday I found out a good friend unfriended me on facebook.  I had spent hours listening to him and hand-holding and supporting him.  So it feels like a slap in the face.  He is biting the hand that fed him.  He moved away.

I think he couldn't handle something unknown I said or did, or maybe he just wanted to lash out in one of the few ways he could.

Anyway, it's kind of devastating.  I went above and beyond the call of duty with his mail, for example--he got mail here and I figured out his current address and sent it to him.  We sent him a care package of vegan food, when he first moved away and thought he was coming back.

He unfriended our matriarch J too.  He has a black & white view of the world, where people are good or bad, and I guess I got put on the bad list somehow.  But I think he feels pretty powerless, and unfriending the people who have loved him and helped him is his way of having power.

Long ago I told J, "He's like a teenager, and teenagers take their families for granted and treat them like shit."  He was 23 at the time, not really a teenager but still acting like one.  But we were not his real family, just the people who took care of him every day.


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