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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

every zine is a mental health zine

Yesterday we did a ton of things.  A highlight was going to Costco with King Ron with a lady who was donating $100 worth of bowls and a huge bag of sugar.  They both have kids and were talking about their kids and school stuff and Jewish martial arts.

That wasn't the real fun part--the fun part was talking with King Ron while he drove.  I noticed he cleaned out his car somewhat.  It used to be full of recycling on the floors.

I listened to music, bound some zines, and chatted with a friend SJ for hours on facebook messenger.  It was cozy.

My throat is sore again and my bestie liked the poem I wrote.  I feel creative after the complex dreams I dreamed, but really, nothing comes of it.  Occasionally a poem.  A dreamy feeling or image makes its way into something.

We went to our storage unit and I got a box of zines so I could look through it for mental health zines for the meeting.  After a while of looking through zines, I told Ming, "After a while of looking through zines, I'm realizing that every zine is a mental health zine."


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