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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I sat at a picnic table for five hours yesterday while Ming and our friend hiked.  I thought their hike was five miles, so I was confused when it took them five hours.  Turns out their hike was more than seven miles.

Still, it was a long time to be alone.  I got some good stuff done though.  Wrote a few letters, wrote a prayer, wrote in my journal, finished reading a magazine I started last year, watched clouds.  Breathed the fresh air.

This morning Ming is out--he and two friends are going to pick veg at Gilcrease then walk at Lamb Park.  I wasn't invited.  I feel left out.

You missed the whole saga of Ming losing his glasses.  He left them in a tow truck (you missed that saga too).  He's gone to pick them up this morning before the veg and walk.  Hopefully his glasses are in good condition.

I woke up to an email that makes me sick.  Yes, drama.

Today I want to do something nice for myself, but I don't know what it is.


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