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Monday, July 10, 2017


Our sweet little Echo's engine is kaput and we are trying to figure out what to do.  Once it's a decent hour, Ming will call our regular mechanic Doug to see how much he'll charge to put in a new or used or rebuilt engine.  If it's too much, we'll junk the car and buy a new one, is the idea.

I feel overwhelmed.  I also feel sad and in pain.  Ming says cars represent freedom.  I love / loved that car.  I don't want to go through the stress of buying a used car and all that fear from carrying around $4000 cash and not knowing if we'll get robbed.  You know?

So I feel crappy.  I tried dancing this morning for exercise but could barely get moving.

Meanwhile there are two fires burning in my homeland.  Mom has to deal with bad air and lotsa ash.  And my bestie near Santa Barbara might be evacuated.  They could see the flames from her parents' bedroom window.  She is an archivist and has lots of stuff that's dear to her.  So it must be terrible to try to decide what to evacuate with.

Ming's got his new trilobite shirt on.  "Are you ready for tons of people to ask you, 'Is that a horseshoe crab?'" I asked him.


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