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Saturday, July 29, 2017


This morning we bought organic potatoes and pickles and olives for Mom to make potato salad for the party.

Then we went to Costco to pick up the cake.  The balloons on the cake are big blobs of frosting.  The twins are 2.

Yesterday in SLO we went to the art museum, which is free.  Ming and I argued about some photos of a disabled daughter--I called him cold-hearted.

I liked the words next to a painting--they said the guy painted nature where something is not quite right.

That's how I feel about this blog post.  Picking up a cake is fine.  But something is not quite right here.  I think I feel edgy.  I had trouble sleeping last night.  I feel frustrated.

But the party doesn't start till 3.  Last summer there was a fiesta party which was so upsetting to me, I decided not to go to any family function ever again.  So it's a gamble.


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