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Monday, September 25, 2017

goddess temple, wildlife refuge, veggie burgers

We went to the goddess temple with our friend A.  I sang in the temple and went for a walk while the guys went to Peace Camp to look for Shadow Children.

The good news is that they found them.  Ming has pics.  Maybe I can show you some.

I enjoyed all that singing.  Then we three sang together.  We sang much of "Ya Devi" and it was fantastic.  We sang "Prakratim Paramam" which is my favorite song.

Then we walked around a lot.  It was A's first time there.  In the center of the labyrinth I found a trilobite which I gave to Ming.

A and I talked a lot and enjoyed life.  The weather was perfect, sweatshirt weather.

We went to Cactus Springs.  A wanted to see how deep it was, so he got a stick and we measured it.  Then there was a huge cottonwood tree A wanted to climb, but there were bees in it.

Then we went to the Desert Wildlife Refuge.  A drove.  He went fast.  We walked around the visitor's center and looked at things and then went outside to see the spring there.

Then we went to Red Robin.  It was fun to talk.  I got lots of affection too.

Then we took A home.  We had spent nearly 11 hours with him.  It was a good day.


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