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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

yerba buena

Yesterday the board meeting was good.  I am getting better and better at them.  More relaxed.

Then we went out to Ethiopian food, all the people who were at the meeting, all six of us.

Something funny happened.  Our friend told us the story of his daughter K's birth.  So I txted K and told her, "Your dad just told us the story of your birth!"  So then K called him and said, "I hear you're telling the story of my birth!"  Then we passed around the phone and all talked to K, who is a sweet lady.

This morning we took our friend to the airport.  We left here at 5.  It was fine.  Then Ming went to serve the hungry, and I emailed a friend and went outside to look at clouds.  R happened to be outside about to leave for the Worker.  We hugged and it was nice.

Then I went to the garden, looking for a better cloudview, and decided to dig around for yerba buena--found some!  Made tea.

I was voted interim convener of the council and have a few new duties.  So I better keep on top of it.  First I need to type up the notes from yesterday.


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