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Thursday, October 05, 2017


Yesterday we went to the hot springs in Tecopa.  We brought A with us.  He risked losing his job!  Spoiler: luckily, he did not lose his job.

It was hella relaxing and fun.  However, A did all of the driving.  We thanked him profusely, but I hope it didn't tax him too much.

We did three dips.  Then we went to China Ranch date farm.  Had date shakes, and they took a little hike.  I tried to avoid getting bitten by these huge evil flies.

Then we returned to the hot springs for another dip.  We sat outside for a long time on the couch thing, just being together and talking quietly.

Then we went to Zen Curry and got nice Japanese curry.  I was dehydrated, and A and I both had headaches in the same spot.

Lots of warmth and good feelings.  A had never been to a hot springs before.  "Now I can say I went to California with you," I said.  "Who would I impress with that?"

"Me," A said.  "I would be impressed."


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