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Sunday, October 29, 2017


Last night was the party.  I hoped A should show up, but he said he didn't feel like a party person though I tried to tempt him with mention of the delicious Russian food, the kittens, and the music.

I wore my red dress.  No good picture of me in it exists.  I forgot to dress early for outdoor picture purposes.  Ming took some dusk pics.  Well, I'll show you one though I don't like it much.

Our friend D had a guestbook for her couch, which I enjoyed writing in.  I was happy.

There was a fire in a firepit in the backyard.  I stood by it for a moment until one of the party goers started talking about his dental woes.

S was there with her ukulele, but she didn't really play.

This morning it's still dark out, too early to play.


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