dangerous compassions

I call you / from the comet's cradle

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Yesterday Ming took PMB to the electric bike store to look at the electric bikes.  It took a long time.  Then at night Ming went to a Jewish Voice for Peace talk led by our old friend.  I stayed home.  This morning Ming left around 6am for a hike with friends.  So I haven't seen him much this past 24 hours.

I've meditated and am trying to keep busy as best I can.  Today I make community lunch for eight people.  I'm making sundried tomato pesto pasta with kalamata olives and fresh mozzarella.  I'm making vegan garlic-lovers pasta with peas.  I'm making veg sausages and kale salad.  That's about it.  I have some red beans in the fridger I might heat up for them too.

Goodness and warmth to everyone.


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