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Sunday, November 12, 2017

radical mental health collective meeting #11

Some important things happened yesterday.  We ran into a friend we've been estranged from for months.  That was emotional and left a lot of residue.  We hugged him, saw him, heard his voice.  It was painful somehow.

We had lunch with our new friend H.  It was good.  She wants to have movie nights with us.  I explained why I don't like movies.  She saw it as a challenge.

A former community member has returned.  We have't seen him yet.  He doesn't live here at our compound, this time--he lives at the Catholic Worker house.

Then at night was a radical mental health collective meeting.  A friend I wasn't expecting to see showed up.  In fact, he was early, sitting by the door, reading a book.  He had never been early before--in fact, every single time he was late.  So we talked.

Then after the meeting we talked more.  Ming got in the car with the guy we were giving a ride home to.  They got cold so Ming tuned on the car for the heater.  Then they got hot, so Ming turned the car back off.

Meanwhile, the friend and I were talking.  We were trying to work some things out.  I didn't have much to say.  Then later at home I did have things to say and emailed him.

Ming and another friend co-facilitated the meeting.  They were very kind to me.  They consulted me on things.  The collective is my baby, and I was afraid they'd drop it on the head.  But they didn't.


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