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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

collecting songs

Oops, it's Tuesday.  Somehow I missed yesterday.  We ran errands then had a date.  Then we picked up A from work and went out to Fry's to buy a couple things.  Then we went to Sunrise Coffee and I had a London Fog.  M and A tried it--they said it tasted like soap, the nice part of soap.

Then we went to A's place and he washed dishes.  He's been dazzling me lately with his language skill since my second-to-last letter where I told him I was so surprised when I realized he's smarter than I am.  He knows it delights me.

And he started reading me OtherWhere which is the sequel to The Others which he read me recently.  He really loves that book, and now I do too.  We were so excited to find sequels.

Yesterday also my new friend S recorded me singing two Mother songs and it was fun.  She's collecting songs.


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