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Sunday, May 14, 2006


Erik got the router working! I am so glad, and I marvel at his skills.

He also found out that the company we score the SAT for is hiring for the ACT, and he emailed them about it. They say they're seeking scorers, but maybe a person can't score both, which is why they haven't invited us???

I chatted with my mom twice for Mother's Day. My brother came over, and my dad BBQed. He bought her a ring. My brother bought or made her a planter with four plants in it. And her youngest brother called.

The green garlic is lovely. We made white rice with butter, salt, and the green garlic chopped up. And then I cooked some brocolli and mixed in salt, pepper, basil, and sour cream. It was such a good lunch.

I drove myself to vespers. It was better-attended than usual. Almost didn't go because I was feeling clingy. Then my dinner kicked in, and I was well again.


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