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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

our day at the fair

Yesterday we went to the fair.  How was it?  It was fun.  First we saw the livestock pavilion.  I got a thrill from being near the cows.  I love their hugeness.  And I liked the goats.  I saw a type of goat I didn't remember seeing before: Oberhasli.  They're gorgeous.  We read some informative displays like a map with pictures of the different kinds of goats.  Did you know Lamanchas come from the US?  They do.

We also saw the arts and crafts.  We saw our friend's mom's quilt, which won third place in its division.  I love it--it's made of ties.  I thought it was the most innovative quilt there. 

I liked some of the art.  There was an artist's statement beside each artwork, and they were interesting to read, but maybe distracting from the art.  I guess that's a dilemma.  My favorite work was probably a photo depicting the madonna and child.  The mom was modern-looking with a sparkle halo, and Jesus was a doll.  It was beautiful.  There was also a funny sculpture with a phonograph that played music that was a pretend reading of some pretend artifacts.  And little statues of uniform black puppies alert and listening.  I like art with a sense of humor--not necessarily ha-ha funny but stimulating in an off-balance way and poignant at the same time.

Oh, and there was a sculpture of a child's white dress with negative messages embroidered on it.  That was evocative and moving. 

What else?  We saw birds.  Ming read facts about pigeons for a long time.  We saw baby chicks.  We looked at rabbits.  It's sad how they're going to be killed.  I didn't know rabbits got that big.

Other highlights of the day were at the farm: we saw soybeans growing--I had never seen them before.  They flower weird.  And we saw cotton blooming--I had never seen that before either.  Some bell peppers were ready to eat, and someone said he was going to pick one and eat it for lunch then, "Just kidding."  Later I saw him walking around with a half-eaten bell pepper in his hand.  He was munching on it.  Ming told me it was food for the food bank.

At the farm, there was a place for buying fruit.  We spent $2.50 on a bowl of ripe, delicious fruit.  Then we came back later for another bowl.  There were fruit washing stations.  They were great.

As for fair food, Ming had a waffle cone.  I just had the fruit.  I kind of wanted a funnel cake--I've never had one before--but I know it would probably make me feel sick.  Then my brain got full, and we left. 

Luckily, we had found an excellent free parking space, and our truck was still there when we got back--hurray!  We had a two-for-one coupon, so it only ended up costing us $12 total to get in.  I think it was worth $6 for me to feed my mind something different.


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