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Thursday, December 20, 2012

free breakfast

Okay, this is the last post I'll title free breakfast for a while.

Today they were giving away stuffed animals.  At first I thought they were used and didn't get a ticket or stand in line.  Then I saw they were new.  I picked out a bear wearing a greenish blue sweater for my neighbor's daughter.  I don't know what she likes.  There was a cute dinosaur, but I decided to go for the normal. 

today's foods:
--oatmeal, plain mixed with flavored
--red grapes
--strawberry yogurt
--chocolate milk

No toast station today.

And it was weekly food giveaway at the church down the street, not to be confused with food bank giveaway that's once a month.  We got in line early.  Then our neighbors arrived. We got animals crackers, lotsa bread, some meat sticks and fruit pies (which we gave to the neighbors), hummus, trail mix, eggs, broccoli, strawberries, and asian pears.  Oh, and a creme puff.


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