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Monday, December 17, 2012

free towel

Yesterday we left Santa Maria in the morning and stopped at Avila for a walk on the beach.  We looked at rocks.

Then we stopped near Cambria to see the elephant seals.  It was Ming's first time seeing them.  Pictures don't do them justice.  It's good to hear their vocalizations and see them move.

Then we did other stuff.  We stopped by the Naan 'n' Curry in Concord for dinner, for example.  It's different from House of Curries.  The tea isn't free.  But the tea is better.

This morning I dragged myself to free breakfast.  Someone was walking down the street carrying a boxed crock pot, and I thought that was strange but didn't think much of it.

Then when I got to free breakfast there was a line where there isn't usually a line.  "Stand behind that woman," the volunteer said.  Seemed like there was some kind of giveaway going on, and I just wanted breakfast, but I stood in the line.  There was a piece of paper with pictures of different things you could have.  I thought maybe it was a raffle and am not interested in raffles, but when asked I said I wanted towels.

So they gave me a ticket and told me to hand it to a woman across the room in a santa hat.   I waited there for a while.  Then I went upstairs where there was a room full of stuff to have.  The towels were the least valuable thing there.  But I didn't want cookie sheets, a crock pot, or anything like that.  I chose a light green towel.  It was tied up with beautiful cream and gold ribbon with a washcloth of the same color.

Then I got breakfast.  Fruit of the day was watermelon, which I don't really care for.

today's breakfast:
instant oatmeal, one maple and brown sugar, one plain
strawberry yogurt
two pieces of under-toasted toast because I got impatient


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