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Saturday, March 23, 2013

orientation day

Tomorrow is the first day of the Sacred Peace Walk.  @NVDesertExp  That's a thing that might make my post tweet or something.  So Ming says.  Or maybe this.  #NVDesertExp

Anyway, tomorrow is the first day of the Sacred Peace Walk.  We'll walk the Strip for peace.  The first day is hard because it's in the city and we have to face a lot of Las Vegas-ness.  By that I mean the stuff that makes it Sin City.  I wonder how I'll fare this year.

Today we had the orientation.  We talked about drones, Creech Air Force Base, the route, getting arrested.  Someone called on me to speak about when I got arrested last year.  I was unprepared but told a good little story.  I almost cried, and people clapped.  The orientation is full of info and light on stories.

I am thinking about how important stories are, to me, and the relationship between stories and gender and how people think differently--I am tutoring someone who thinks in a way that I don't understand, sometimes.  The people who think in big abstract ways and the people who need a lot of examples.

Ming used to confuse me a lot, the way he talked, but now we communicate well.  I don't know if we met halfway or if one of us changed for the other.

So most everybody's here, and I've met a lot of new people, but I'm not really freaking out.  I was talking about it with Ming yesterday, and he said I'd be okay.  "Because I can always dissociate?" I asked.


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